Task Force Ranger Chalk Leader (Operation Gothic Serpent) 1/12 – Crazy Figure


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Product Description

Operation Gothic Serpent occurred from August to October 1993 and was conducted by the United States special operations forces.  From Crazy Figure, the 1/12 Scale Task Force Ranger Chalk Leader figure features a realistic head sculpt and is equipped with all the accessories necessary to carry out the operation.

Product Features

  • 1/12 Scale
  • Made of plastc
  • Realstic sculpting
  • Custom-tailored clothing
  • Wide selection of accessories

Box Contents

  • Task Force Ranger Chalk Leader figure
  • OD GI T-shirt
  • Desert battle dress uniform 3 color desert
  • US flag patch
  • Ranger body armor RBA
  • PASGT helmet
  • Bonnie hat
  • The sun, wind, and dust goggle (SWDG)
  • Altama desert boots
  • Alta knee pads
  • 4 Nomex flight gloves hands
  • Alice
  • All purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment
  • System
  • S belt
  • Suspender
  • 2 Ammunition pouches
  • 2 Compass/first aid cases
  • 2 Canteens and canteen covers
  • Butt pack
  • AN/PRC 126 radio and pouch
  • Hand mic
  • SDU-5E strobe light
  • M16A2 assault rifle (with M16 magazine)
  • M26A1 frag grenade rifle
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