Payment Policy

For everyone’s convenience and protection we accept PayPal payments only. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will still be able to use your credit card through PayPal.

TOYCO requires the use of a PayPal Billing Agreement to pay with PayPal. By using a PayPal Billing Agreement you are pre-authorizing TOYCO to charge your PayPal account for pre-orders and purchases when the items are in stock.

  • We can process your payments and orders faster.
  • You can pre-order now and pay later when in stock.
  • A PayPal Billing Agreement can be cancelled anytime.

Click on the “Continue to PayPal” button to log into PayPal and proceed with your checkout.

Payment Terms

Payment is due and charged at the time of purchase for in-stock items. Preorder items will be pre-authorized, but will not be charged until the item is in stock and ready to ship.

International Payments

All payments must be made in United States Dollars. Your credit card company or Paypal converts your currency to USD at the time of purchase using the current currency exchange rate. We do not control the exchange rate, nor any foreign transaction fees your issuing bank or Paypal may charge.

Credit Card Security

We work diligently to protect your data and keep it confidential. To ensure the utmost security, our servers never store or transmit any credit card data. All credit card processing is done through Paypal. At no time does any employee of TOYCO have access to your full credit card details. If you have any questions please contact us first, rather than filing a chargeback with Paypal or your credit card company.