Package Condition

Package Condition Guide

TOYCO offers a fair cancellation policy to give you as much opportunity as possible to cancel items before they are processed. All of this can be done by contacting us through E-mail, call, or messenger and requesting to cancel your order. Please provide us with your order number when requesting a cancellation. You may cancel any in-stock order that has not yet been processed without any penalty. Once an order has been processed or shipped you may no longer cancel that order. Should you wish to return the order once you receive it you may do so at your own shipping cost without reimbursement from TOYCO. If any order shipment is refused by you and sent back to us we will deduct the shipping fees and there will be a 20% restocking fee deducted from the original purchase refund total.

Collector Mint

Collector Mint is for the serious collector who wants the cleanest possible box out of every case. We carefully inspect the item for you to ensure that the box is as clean as possible and will have close to no scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, or creases on the box. These are the boxes that are pulled from the middle section of every factory case, while their corner box brothers are getting dinged up during transit. These items will be carefully bubble wrapped and taped securely for your order to prevent scuffs or dings and then we use a specifically sized box for the item to ensure a near perfect fit inside. If it’s an item already sealed in a factory brown shipper box, we will then carefully select a clean shipper box and double box in a separate, specifically sized outer shipping box to prevent damage during transit.

Damaged Box

Damaged Box items may have dings, dents, creases, tears, and other considerable wear. In some cases the boxes may even be considered destroyed. These are not for the box collectors that keep their items locked up in cardboard prisons. However, they are absolutely perfect for opening and displaying as the items themselves are still absolutely brand new and in factory mint condition. If you could careless about the cardboard box the item comes in, then these are absolutely perfect for you and you’ll enjoy a slight discount too! Who’s laughing now all the way to the bank? You are!

Open Box

Used open box products we sell are typically in the same condition as Standard New, except that the tape on the packaging has been cut open. The box may have minor issues such as scrapes from rubbing, dings and dents on the corners, or slight creases on any surface of the box due to handling and or shelf wear. In many cases, it’s an item we opened for promotional photography use or show room display. All original packaging and accessories are included and the figure is in like new condition. If you’re an open box collector and enjoy playing with your figures, then open box items are perfect for you and you’ll even enjoy a nice discount!


Pre-Owned items may come with varying package conditions. These items are usually customer returns or trade-ins. We always inspect the items to ensure the packaging is in acceptable conditions and not “destroyed”, although they may have some scrapes, dings, dents, and creases and other wear and tear due to a variety of reasons. All items are inspected and confirmed to include all original packaging and accessories and the figure is in very good to excellent condition. The figures will be tested to make sure they are unbroken, do not have any smoke odors and/or pet hairs. If you’re an open box collector and enjoy playing with your figures, then pre-owned items are perfect for you and you’ll even enjoy a nice discount!

All Under One Roof

We have our own warehouse and store everything in stock under one roof. None of the products listed on our website are drop shipped from 3rd party fulfillment centers. Every step of the process from we receive the products in stock to the moment we pack your order are all 100% handled by us. Everyone in the company is well trained in how to carefully handle and package valuable collectible items. All items are carefully packed and bubble wrapped to ensure their condition meets your desired expectation. Buy from TOYCO with absolute peace of mind.